Wednesday, 30 November 2016


today at the first block at school we where nominating on who would be a school leader next year when we are year 8 there was a lot of votes i am not quit sure who to pick to be head boy but i know who to pick for head girl and sports leaders and manaiakalani leaders it is hard but i will have to pick but i will have to see who is the best at sports and evrey thing else.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Replying to my term 1 self

Dear term one Lyndon

I have had a little bit of fun this year. I enjoyed electives well we would not know what electives are because it happens in like term two or term three everyone was impressed in the show the we put on like we put on a great show everyone was impressed you i mean i liked the since.

oh and we do swimming it was fun and guess when me we actually presented assembly and we speaked in the microphone it was fun but we mess up because we ring the bell to late

Oh and on 2016 at term four we got 84 blog posts it's not that impressive but it is what it is

Thursday, 24 November 2016

athletics day

today at school it was athletics day it was a lot of fun doing the sports activities my favorite one was the sponge one. firs you had to run to the other side then fill your sponge with water then rinse it out into your bucket of water and witch ever team that has the most water in their bucket but it was not that simple. so first we had to zigzag around the cones then jump over two bars that where set up and that was it simple i know but a lot of fun and  my team won we had the  most water in our bucket. i think the reason we won is because we where cheering each other on and saying you can do it and dont give up and that why i think we won Evan it was poring down with rain actually we won all of the challenges it was fun for me.but sadly athletics day was canceled but it was fun while it lasted the reason it was canceled is because there was to much rain.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Reding flow ups

today at school for reading we recorded the info we have been gathering for the last few weeks we did record our voices on a web site called vocaroo we have been researching about pigeons and if they are pests or if they are special i think they are special and pests read through these slides to ind out more

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

how to make a paper dart

Today and yesterday my writing group had been making instructions on how to make a paper plane or in other words a paper dart i think i have done a good gob creating these instructions it was really fun for me and i hope who ever is reading this under stands my instructions on how to make a paper plane.

reading game

today at school at reading time Miss linka told us to  go on to a reading site called wpsu and we have to make a blog post about it i was playing this game i it was called detective you had to listen to the case and you had options of choos three options chose one that makes the most sense i really liked playing this game and hopefully you will to 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

hyperbole story

Once their was a boy named Ben he didn't like to clean his room a lot. Ben said Ben's mum what said Ben this is the one millionth time i have asked you to “clean your room”, said Ben's mum ok” ok il clean it said Ben we have to go shopping Ben said Ben's mum Ben asked if he could get a game. Ben's mum said that's like one hundred thousand dollars but if i don't i will die said Ben no means no Ben's mum said. It came the next morning Ben went to school then Ben got caught playing a video game on his Chromebook the teacher was mad enough she could lift a tree up off the ground. Ben's teacher yelled at him and said this is like the millionth time you have been caught playing games.i have too call your mum now !!! the teacher said. No no Ben said if you do my mum will kill me. ok i will not call your mum but if you get caught one more time i will call your mum the teacher said. Ben went home, i have mountains of homework today said to Ben mum this is going to take me forever to do. The next day at school when it was lunch time Ben forgot to make his lunch he said to his friend i am so hungry i could eat a horse.

today and yesterday my class had to make a Hyperbole story we started it yesterday and finished it today Hyperbole is a very big exaggeration like oh i have a mountain of home work you don't actually have mountains of home work you just have a little bit but you dont want to do it. Or if you say this is the millonth time i have told you not to do that its not actually millionth time you have told some one to do or not to do something.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

paper planes

today at school we have been working on paper planes. Our goal is to see in our groups who's plane fly's the best in my group Latham's plane. the group would decide who wold throw the plane in the final throw of Latham was chosen by my team to throw our plane

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

gotwit learning

For the last couple of weeks we have been learning about the Godwit this prezzie to find out more. Godwits  are one of the most coolest birds ever well i think they are i cant believe they can make that distance without stopping for 8 days that is impressive its like running for 8 day i cant believe they can make that distance. i researched a lot what they look like what do they eat where do they live what eats them. so as you can see i have researched a lot and me and my school buddy's got a lot of info and put it all in this prezzie.