Wednesday, 27 September 2017

dance production

Last night was the first dance production i am the DJ it was really fun because if have my own booth i thought it was really cool and lots of people were clapping for me it was so fun i cant wait for tonight it will be such fun my mum and my sisters are coming to see me tonight it will be one of the most fun things i ever will do.

Cross Country

Last week we did a fun run witch is basically cross country i was so proud of my self but not to proud because i came fourth for the year 8 boys if only i ran a little bit further i would have come third and made it into the inter school sports but fourth is ok at least i did int come last thats for sure i think i have improved my running because last time i was second to last. I was lucky to be fourth i just bet Cj and most of the time he is normally faster then me.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

scale drawing

this week we have been working on our scale drawing what this is its where we had to rule a smaller version of our paper that was all ready printed we make a grid on it with one center meters per square then our enlargement was 2 center meters. my design was the face of venom and spider man.

princess bride film study

today we have finished our film study on the princess bride with a DLO about opening sequins shot types and many others i chose opening sequences.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Elections results

This morning we were learning what is a Coalition and how affects the election. A Coalition is when Political parties join forces to help choose a new Prime Minister. E.g: If Winston Peters joins Labour they will win and if he joins National they will win. Today I learnt what a Coalition is.

read a ebook

Today at school we are celebrating read and e book day what this is its the day where people like to read e books. The book i read was injustice gods among us it is about how in an alternate dc universe the joker has stolen fear gas from scarecrow and put kryptonite dust the weakness of superman in the fear gas but to get superman to follow joker he kidnaps superman's girl friend Lois lane that is pregnant. When superman gets to joker the joker sprees the kryptonite fear gas on superman now superman sees Lois as one of his most dangerous enemy's doomsday. Then he launch's Lois into space thinking she is doomsday and kills Lois but theirs more the joker put a heart monitor connecting to a nuke under superman's city that he likes to protect the most. When her heart beat stops the nuke goes off destroying superman's city and killing Lois and his unborn child now superman bursts into jokers jail cell and plunges his fist wright through the jokers heart and kills him find out more by going to your nears library.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

tamiki over drive

this afternoon we went onto the tamaki over drive it is a site were you can borrow books and read them on your computer the story i chose was mall it is about two girls that work in shops at the mall then something terrible happens in the mall. I cant wait to read more of this story. this site is really good because i can read books that most of the time i cant find.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Year 8 Day at Tamaki College

Today the year 8s went to Tamaki college to see what a day in Year 9 looked like. The first activity was maths. It was a lot of fun. We played battle ships against Mr Jones, our teacher for maths. Luckily we won the battle ship game. The next thing we did was science. Our teacher's name was Mr Stoddard. We learnt about static electricity and physics. We did experiments to help us understand. First we made water bend by rubbing a plastic tube on a piece of material and running the taps slightly. When we put the rubber tube next to the water it looked like it was bending. After our yummy lunch we had English. Our teacher this time was Mr Stevenson. We were finding visual images connections with new vocabulary. Last but not least was PE. For PE our teacher was Mr Moyes. We played turbo touch. We had 3 teams, there was non-bands team, a red team and a yellow team. I was in the non-band team but I never found out the final score or which team had the most tries. I think it was the red team but it does not matter because we all had so much fun. A big thanks to Tamaki College for showing us their awesome school and a big thanks to the teachers that taught us in the time we were there. I am looking forward to being a Year 9 student there next year!