Monday, 4 December 2017

Robotics at Tamaki collage

Last week on Friday was the last week of tech so we stayed for a bit longer this time we got split into groups robotics PE and social science. i got put into the robotics group we got to a big hall where Mr Dunn was he split us into four groups my team mates where Sanujan Jericho. Mr Dunn thought us how to program the drone with an i pad. My team one the mars packet because we managed to program our drone to go under a table and the over the table then land on it.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Royal family

Today we stared a little project on the royal family we got into groups of 6 my partners where CJ Dallas Joshua W and Jericho. We all did different google slides each. Some slides we collaborated and did them together, The reason the teacher told us to do this is because Prince Harry just got engaged to Meghan Markle.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Today AJ and i have completed our summarising DLO for reading. The book we are reading is called rocket shoes. Aj and i find the book very interesting and will read more of it.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Fox Adaptations

today for inquiry we were learning about how animals adapt into there habitat and how they survive the animal that me and my partner Fraidoon chose was the fox we got lots of information of lots of different sites. the information that we gathered was very useful we have the sites we used on this dlo 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Last week was my first time playing badminton today is my second. So today is our second time playing badminton this time was a lot funner we learned some new things about badminton that I did not all ready know about. We did so much first we had to juggle with the shuttle I did some cool tricks as well. Then we had to get into pairs my pair was Cj we did good I think we bounced it back to each other our highest score was 20 i think we did really good. I like badminton I hope to play more of it.

How children learn at school

How do you think children learn at school? Maybe they learn by talking to each other and by listening  teacher or by other children's ideas. Sometimes each students always learn from their or someone else's mistake. 

Role models are a good example for children because they always need some to inspire them through their learning journey, people and kids copy of each other so they can learn more information from each other so they don't have look up websites.
Children listen to find out information then kids could copy and then they could research and find out more information. Then children can copy off them so they can learn new things.

children take risks to learn new skills and practice of of others then they do it over until they have Learnt it. Children take risks to find out other information.

How do you think children learn at school! I think children can explain there learning by listing and talking to each other, I think children learn by following role moles.

Yesterday we were sent of to think how do children so we got into partners, My partners are Tai and Harlem H read this if you want to know more on how children learn at school.  

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

dance production

Last night was the first dance production i am the DJ it was really fun because if have my own booth i thought it was really cool and lots of people were clapping for me it was so fun i cant wait for tonight it will be such fun my mum and my sisters are coming to see me tonight it will be one of the most fun things i ever will do.