Wednesday, 29 June 2016


today i did Orienteering with my buddy Cyrus in the Orienteering we came 4th and our time was 11 50

current events

today at school at reading time we did current events my one was about why Britain is leaving the EU

Monday, 27 June 2016

Speech 2016

This is a screenshot of me saying my speech to my group I was put in. My group work together to decide what my score was.

We should not be afraid of spiders because if they got extended we would die of starvation because all the flies would eat all our food but there other insects that eat flies but spiders eat more than 200 insects per year.75% of children think that spiders are disgusting ugly creatures but did you know that spiders are more scared of you than you are of them.

it's ok to be weary of them because some spiders are poisonous like the black widow or white tail or trailers

normally flick hears at you it will annoy you but it is not poisonous tarantulas only bite if you get to close.

Without spiders scientists cannot continue there work on the spiders web. Scientists get a lot of web and make it strong because a lot of web silk is very very strong. Strong enough to hold a giant truck.

My personal favorite spider is the jumping spider because it looks like a small tarantula and are non poisonous and when a fly flies past it quickly jumps up fast and eats the fly i've actually seen it with my own two eyes thank you and have a good day.

This shows that I have used expression most of the time during my speech.

japan mapping task

today me and my buddy alex did inquiry it is the asia mapping task.

japan inquiry

today at school we did japan for inquiry

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

majestic lion

today at school i did a drawing about making our own majestic lion poster i think that some are better than mine but i still think i did good.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

are aliens Real

Are Aliens Real
As far as aliens go, I suspect pretty strongly that there’s life in space. We know of over 300 planets orbiting other stars, and we’ve only just started looking. In our Milky Way Galaxy alone there are probably literally billions of planets. Life on Earth got started pretty rapidly, relatively speaking, after the crust cooled and lian entirely different beast.
There are tens of thousands of UFOs reported every year. That’s one of the reasons a lot of people think aliens are visiting us: there’s no way that there could be that many reports if some of them weren’t real!quid water formed, so we know it’s not tough for life to get its start… and it’s entirely possible there is microbial life inside icy moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn.
So thinking aliens exist has a pretty decent scientific basis. But them coming here is

A scientist has revealed that aliens are real. Dr Boyd Bushman - who used to work at Area 51 - opened up about his career in studying UFOs and alien life at the secretive base in a documentary filmed just before he died.

"With respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who are working on UFOs 24 hours a day.
There is no proof of aliens ever visiting Earth. All government agencies deny their existence as well. NASA, who has incredibly powerful probes and sensors and cameras, has also denied this. Furthermore, the chances of life existing on another planet is infinitesimally tiny. We are alone in this universe. Perhaps other planets can be manipulated for human life, but it is highly unlikely that any life independent of Earth exists out there.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Smog in China

Sourced from linkTIME For Kids

Super Smog in China

Officials close schools and ground flights as dense smog shrinks visibility in Harbin, a city in China

OCT 21, 2013 | By Kelli Plasket with TIME and AP reporting
AFP/GETTY IMAGES A woman wearing a face mask to block out the smog uses her mobile phone in Harbin, a city in northern China.
Winter is coming to northern China—and with it, another season of heavy smog. Smog is a hazy blend of smoke and fog caused by pollution in industrial areas. On Monday, in the large city of Harbin, small-particle pollution rose to a record 40 times higher than what is considered to be safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). The thick haze caused visibility to fall to less than half a football field, grinding the city to a halt.
A police officer works on a street blanketed in heavy smog in Harbin on October 21, 2013.
A police officer works on a street blanketed in heavy smog in Harbin on October 21, 2013.
When Wu Kai, a 33-year-old Harbin resident, looked out her apartment window on Monday, she couldn’t see anything. At first, she thought it was snowing. Then she realized it was smog. Her husband left for work wearing a mask to cover his mouth and nose and stop him from breathing in the pollution. His regular bus wasn’t running because of the low visibility. “It’s scary, too dangerous,” Kai told the Associated Press. “How could people drive or walk on such a day?”
Many people can’t get around. Authorities in the city closed primary and middle schools and some highways on Monday. Harbin’s Taiping International Airport canceled or delayed at least 40 flights.
Smog Season
Northern China experiences year-round air pollution from factory emissions and the huge number of vehicles on the road. Typically, the air pollution is at its worst in the winter, when more coal is burned to heat homes and buildings. Harbin’s municipal heating systems kicked in on Sunday. On Monday, visibility was down to less than 55 yards, according to state media.
China’s environmental protection agency monitors the level of harmful particles in the air. The agency saw readings as high as 1,000 micrograms per cubic meter at several monitoring stations in Harbin on Monday. WHO says a safe level is 25 micrograms per cubic meter.
Pollution Problems
China’s major cities have some of the world’s worst smog. Record levels of air pollution crippled Beijing, the capital, for weeks last winter. The Chinese government, which had long ignored the problem, is finally taking notice. In September, China’s Cabinet announced a plan that aims to reduce the country’s heavy reliance on coal to below 65 percent of total energy usage by 2017. Last week, Beijing also announced a set of color-coded emergency measures for bad pollution days.
Fixing the pollution program will be costly for the Chinese government. Officials say the country will need to spend nearly $817 billion to fight pollution.  But the cost of ignoring it could be much worse.

alien report

Today we are going to find out if aliens are real and if era 51 are hiding real ufos well we will find out. Some internet websites are fake and when they say they sore ufos they are sometimes jets.
Did you know about 31 people say that they have seen ufos or have been abducted by aliens.

Some artists draw paintings of ufos of what they think ufos would look like some drawings maybe the acuwell sketch of what they look like or some wrong.

Area 51
Some people like to think that Area 51 might be hiding ufo parts or the actual aliens because a lot of people have been missing mysteriously vanished but they could have moved out or area 51 have been using them for experiments or mutations.

some people say they have seen ufos some people don't believe them because they don't have any proof or witnesses. No one knows if aliens are real or not i think they are even if they are real the government wouldn't tell us.


the last couple of weeks we have been doing India for my inquiry me and my partner Alex we put in lots of facts and photos i think we did good.