Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Today LS2 had there first session dance with Mrs Anderson we have not started dancing yet but we are working on worm up me and my partner Harlem made a sheet of our worm ups. the reason we did worm ups is because it helps our body get ready to do activities. That we did and for how many times we will do it.
Next we had to partner up with another group we did not have a group because evrey one else had there other partners so Mrs Anderson partnered us up with Te wai Aj Daniel and Calvin.Then we showed off our worm up routine. i liked Calvin and Te wais worm up and how they knew what to do and they keep up with each other.i liked this first lesson of dance Mrs Anderson did a great job of teaching us what to do especially since this is her first time in all her teaching years doing a dace lesson.

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