Tuesday, 15 August 2017

M bot

today at school we made a m bot from when i won it at the google tech summit so far we have built it got the remote for it and the m bot can drive its self and we can control it with the remote the last thing we need t do with it is program it to speak we have to use scratch to do it can wait till its finished.

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  1. Hi Lyndon I really enjoyed reading your blog post about your brand new M bot that you won it at the GEG student summet. But on the other side of this, before you post this on your blog you need to get it checked by a student leader or the teacher because number 1 you don't have a capital letter at the first part of your sentence and number 2 it doesn't really make any sense. But on the bright side I enjoyed looking at your robot and hopefully you will give us another blog post about your M bot it must've took a while to build. Keep up the great work Lyndon, Daniel, Tiava and Jeremiah ! :)

    From Calvin